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Multi-layer Glass Lens

5W Hi-Fi Speaker

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Native 1080P

12500 Lumens

Up to 180" Projection

Scenario Shows

Necessities to accompany family

The most convenient product to accompany your family, our projector is easy to operate and set up, the screen is 1080p high-definition, and the product itself is light and easy to carry, whether you are at home or going out for camping, you can use it at any time. Using a projector to watch cartoons or movies together can increase your family's atmosphere and experience

The best companion at work

If you need to do conference presentations every day, this projector is definitely suitable to assist you in making a perfect presentation. The screen that the projector can display can reach a maximum of 180", and you can also adjust the distance according to the actual venue needs.

Help to improve your quality of life

Have a mini projector, you can use it to enjoy your own time when you get home from get off work, you can use it to watch movies or play games, relax your eyes and make yourself happier and more relaxed.

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