Mudix---Not Just A Projector, But A Movie Cinema

Mudix---Not Just A Projector, But A Movie Cinema

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a relaxing Friday night with my family. Most weeks, we enjoy inviting over my parents so we can all have a movie night at home with the kids and enjoy the latest releases or watch a football game.

However, recently I have noticed that my parents are having problems with our normal TV. Just like many older adults, my parents struggle to watch regular TV or even use their cell phones due to their poor eyesight. The screen sizes of these devices are too small and not clear enough for them.

Therefore, anyone with eyesight issues has to make extra effort to be able to see clearly. This has caused my parents to have sore eyes, headaches and prevent them from enjoying the experience. I was keen to maintain our Friday night tradition but I wanted to make sure my parents are able to enjoy a movie as much as myself and the kids do. I did some research on the subject, trying to find a good solution, and this is when I stumbled across Mudix, the best portable projector.

Bigger screen, clearer image

Having a Mudix projector is a great way to solve all these problems. With a Mudix portable projector, you can watch TV shows, movies, videos, games and photos in the comfort of your home. It is like having a cinema experience without having to leave the house. The projected images are in a larger size than your regular TV or cell phone (for example up to 180”) and the quality of the projection is very good (1080P) so everyone, even my parents and people with eyesight problems, can view the images clearly without having to make much effort and hurt their eyes. You can use this projector to project movies and enjoy a night in with the family, you can watch your favourite TV show or enjoy the gaming season. You can also connect Mudix to your phone if you would like to see the pictures that you took in larger size and better quality, using the screen-mirroring option! The projector also has built-in speakers, so you do not have to worry about spending extra money on external speakers. The sound quality is great and ideal to watch an action movie, however you can also plug your headphones into the projector if you wish. Thanks to the image size and the great image quality, having a Mudix projector is a great way to solve my parents' eyesight issues and make sure they enjoy Friday movie night along with the rest of us.
Easy & simple

Some people like my grandparents sometimes also struggle with new technologies as they find them difficult to understand or confusing to use. The Mudix smart projector is very easy for everyone to use as there is no need to download any extra software to use the projector. It works with Wifi and is compatible with other operating systems such as Android, iPhone and Windows. This is why Mudix has a very easy operational method, it is easy to learn and very simple to use. It is a great choice for those who do not like complicated gadgets. Mudix is also equipped with a remote control, which makes the experience even more convenient.

Your pocket projector

Would it not be great to be able to take your projector anywhere you go so you can enjoy a movie night or watch a game at your friends house? Mudix is also a portable projector that weighs only 2.8lb. This means you can take it anywhere you go! It is a mini projector in size and lightweight so very easy for anyone to carry around and take the cinema experience with you. It takes almost no space so you can choose where to put it (in your living room or bedroom) and easily move it around if you need to. This is a great option for my parents as a heavy projector would be inconvenient for them. Anytime my parents want to come over for a movie night, they can bring Mudix with them. Use Mudix, the best mini projector to replace your regular old TV, it is almost like having a pocket projector!

As their child I am so happy to be able to help my parents and find a solution to their problems. I have always wanted them to be able to watch any TV programme, games, or enjoy a Friday movie night with our family without experiencing sore eyes and headaches. Thanks to Mudix, having a poor eyesight is no longer an issue. You can enjoy great quality images in large sizes as well as great sound quality. Mudix is the best mini projector, I have found a solution to my problem and I recommend it to anyone struggling with the same dilemma. We should all be able to enjoy a movie night together, choose Mudix!

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