Must-Have Checklist for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Must-Have Checklist for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Since the mid-nineties, we have experienced the strong Back Friday boom that significantly impacted shopping malls, stores, and small stalls. However, it has been more than 50 years since the concept of liquidating inventory on a specific day was established.

Most people sometimes wait for this date to make annual purchases since products are up to 70% off, if not more. This date made the customer so loyal to save and wait for this date to make more extensive and more conscious purchases with their economy.

And on the part of the businesses that offer the products or services, they can finish their inventory. And so you can acquire more new stock for the following season. And those dedicated to services sell future services, ensuring a long operating life.

And in the aftermath of Black Friday, Cyber ​​​​Monday was born. This day is the day after the last Friday of November when Black Friday takes place. Cyber ​​​​Monday began at the beginning of the two thousand due to the evolution of technology. Especially virtual stores, such as Amazon and others. Where different types of products from hundreds of brands around the world are offered. And these are sent by courier to the requested destination.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the year's best discounts, especially from the Mudix brand, a company dedicated to manufacturing audiovisual entertainment devices.

From Amazon, you can buy the 5G Wi-Fi Projector on sale on Cyber ​​​​Monday. It is the perfect gift for the family. It does not matter whether for adults or children; everyone will enjoy inscribed moments.

5G Wi-Fi Projector Features

This 5G Wi-Fi projector is the perfect product for the Thanksgiving party. Its design and function make the product stand out in the market and will be your best choice. Here are the main features of the 5G Wi-Fi Projector:

Wi-Fi 2.4G+5G Wireless Connection

Before, it was challenging to transport and connect a projector since they had specific cables. The whole thing was to take an HDMI cable that was only compatible with the projector. Now everything is more comfortable, and its connection is more accessible.

The 5G Wi-Fi Projector has a Wi-Fi connection compatible with Windows/iPhone/Android operating systems. So you have to connect, and you can enjoy the screen's duplicity from the device you have linked.

There are no more limitations about the connection only by cable. Just connect and immediately enjoy the activities you have planned with your projector.

Portable Design and Remote Control.

You will find that the design of the 5G Wi-Fi Projector is modern and, above all, portable. Its slim and lightweight design will allow you to transport it more easily. Whether for work, school, or a trip. So enjoy sharing a movie with your family wherever you are. It has never been so easy to transport a device of this magnitude.

It also comes with a remote control with which you can control the device from the comfort of your place.

Please turn it on, turn it off or adjust the settings from this remote control so as not to interrupt the movie.

Multiple Devices

Thanks to its compatibility, you can connect different devices to the 5G Wi-Fi Projector. For example, you can link game consoles, laptops, and mobile devices through its USB, HD, and VGA interface. You can also connect wirelessly with your mobile device to watch movies and enjoy movies outdoors.

Built-in Speakers and Cooling System

Mudix took the evolution of the projector to another level. The 5G Wi-Fi Projector has a temperature control technology that allows the equipment to reduce noise by 80% and dissipate the heat it emits more effectively.

Also, the 5G Wi-Fi Projector has built-in speakers, which makes it a complete team. Moreover, the sound quality is stereo guaranteeing excellent sound quality.

Focus Adjustment and Large Projection Screen

As we mentioned, the 5G Wi-Fi Projector can configure the projection size according to the distance it is positioned. It can project up to a maximum of 170 inches, but it can vary depending on the length from 1 to 5 meters.

The further away the 5G Wi-Fi Projector is, the greater the dimension of the screen.

Customer Service Support

Mudix has one of its most vital policies to provide a service without complaints. However, questions or suggestions always help a company grow, so feel free to contact the company directly with any queries you may have. Mudix is at your service.


Once each of the most essential characteristics of the 5G Wi-Fi Projector has been explained. We are sure your decision has been made, and you will want to acquire one on these discount dates. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ready to receive your purchase and enjoy the 5G Wi-Fi Projector services.