Mudix's Story

Mudix Wanted To Create A Journey That People Could Be at Ease With True Self Having A Good Mood And Exceptional Experience.


I created Mudix in the meaning of mood experience in  2019. When I was very little i was told by my grandpa that “Life is a journey to be exprienced, not a destination to be reached”. I can barely understand the true meaning of these words until i exprienced some ups and downs in my own life. The story of Don Quixote inspired my adventure with Mudix--By Mexong Ltd

Mudix's Core Mission: Guard Your Good Mood Everyday!

We all have our own individual moods and we choose how we want to experience life. We can live life in the moment, or we can live it as if it will never end. We can enjoy the good moments and learn from the bad ones. Our mood plays an important part in shaping our life and experiences.

Mood can change swiftly and without any notice, so this requires us to act proactively in order to maintain a high emotional state of mind.

Life is an experience: your only obligation is to be fully alive and experience everything in life. It doesn't matter where you are or what mood you are in, because life will always offer plenty of adventures and experiences for you.

Life is a journey : captured through every beautiful memory we form along the way. Life is thought to be one of life’s greatest experiences, a composition of pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow – courage to go on our quests to experience it in all its facets.

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