FAQ & Manual


What should I do if the image is up side down?

Press the flip button on the remote control.

What should I do if the remote control is unresponsive?

1.Check if there are batteries in remote control ;

2.Check if the batteries available(Type 2AAA);

3.Check if the projector are powered on.

Shadow on the screen or smoke from the device?

Powered off immediately , It is caused by the poor cooling of the projector;

Notice: Do not use the machine in this condition for a long time, otherwise the display screen will be damaged; first confirm the use environment, please do not block the air outlet of the machine,

If the air outlet of the machine is blocked, the heat cannot be dissipated, and the temperature inside the machine rises.

Why does projector shutting off when using?

Please do not block the air outlet of the projector, it would cause poor cooling issue. The device will shat off to protect the projector when the temperature is too high.

What should I do if there is small spots when using?

Dust on the display screen cause small spots;To avoid this issue , please do not using in dusty or smoky environment.

Whether 3D effect supported?

Not support

Why does the external storage not working , especially large capacity hard disk?

The hard disk supports a maximum of 1T.
The 2.5-inch hard disk does not need an external power supply.
The 3.5-inch hard disk, an external power supply is required.

What video formats are supported in USB mode?

U disk and TF card support FAT32 and NTFS format, do not support EXFAT format, if it cannot be recognized, please format the U disk or TF card on the PC, and then connect to the projector one more time.


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